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Paul Levine

Paul Levine
General Manager of Yahoo! Local


Matt Booth
VP of The Kelsey Group

Thursday, August 24

12 noon - 1:00 PM Pacific
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In this call, Paul will reveal . . .

Insider Secrets to Blow the Doors Off Your Competition using Local Online Marketing

How to tap the flood of highly qualified, local customers on the Internet and keep them from
even knowing that your competition exists.


The information in this exclusive teleseminar is priceless to anyone who competes for local customers.

Did you know that there are hundreds of FREE methods of marketing your local business on the Internet? (Yahoo! alone has free and low-cost options such as Local, flickr, 360 . . .)

Simply putting up a web site will not get you the type of exposure you need to compete with the big boys.

This power-packed seminar will address the REAL questions for local advertisers.

  • How can I get my business to naturally rise the top of the search results?

  • How do user ratings affect customer conversion, and what easy step can get a bad rating to actually INCREASE the number of calls I receive?

  • How can a local business tap into the social networks that are changing the way people connect and select service providers?

  • What's the one critical difference in the way users make selections in the printed Yellow Pages vs. local web search? . . . (Miss this, and your entire marketing budget will be wasted.)

  • How can you lock in top positions on certain local web searches and trump your competition?

Yahoo! is paying the entire $39 registration fee for the first 300 people to register!

See, I'm already making you money, and you haven't even registered yet. :-)

Once we fill the first 300 seats, additional lines will be available for $39 per registrant.

Phone lines are available on a first come - first served basis only, so don't come whining to me if you miss out.

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Thursday, August 24

12:00 noon - 1:00 PM Pacific
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How important are photos in promoting your business online?

Well, look at Paul here with his beautiful daughter. Now, tell me if you just made a stronger emotional bond with him than you did by reading his name.

We'll show you how to use photo sharing sites to personalize your local business and convert total strangers into friendly customers.

Paul Levine

Paul Levine and his daughter, Lauren

(Lauren, unfortunately has other commitments and won't be on the call.)


...and in the interests of equal time, here's a photo of Matt Booth and his family. Matt Booth and Family

Instead of hanging at the beach, Matt's been researching local online marketing and will share his insights.

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